New Valley String Band is a Swedish trio in which American old-time music harmonizes with Nordic sounds, performed by three talented musicians. With guitar, fiddle, banjo, and soulful vocals, they will transport you to a place where Appalachian and Nordic mountains meet, and create something new.

Whether you’re a fan of old-time melodies or simply appreciate good music when you hear it, these three musicians have something special in store for you. With their unique blend of styles, they’re taking you on a musical journey that’s both emotional and timeless.

With their debut album released in the spring of 2023, New Valley String Band have been well recieved by audiences both in the Nordics and across Europe. 

“Adam Bülow, Lukas Pettersson Lindberg, and Michael Nyberg can be proud and happy about their debut album. While they may be based in southern Sweden, musically, they stand firmly on the Precambrian eruptive rocks of the North American mountain range.” – Lira Music Magazine